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Viewing Single Post From: SOD & SOW: Bo And Carly Have Sex

Jan 12 2010, 01:32 PM
OK.....did'nt watch yesterday did'nt want to see beauretard and his {tip drill}.....but will be tuning in today to watch Hope put the smackdown on (trash and trashier)...ofcourse he does'nt deserve Hope anyways,personally thought he never did,also{tip drill}had the audacity to tell hope that she had shook bo anyways,like that gives her the right to jump in the sack with her husband that she has'nt even divorced yet,and from the looks of tomorrows show,bo has the nerve to ask Hope if she can tell Mia not to mention his little roll in the sack with {tip drill}The Fucking nerve of that scumb,Oh hellll to the naw,I wish that Hope plasters it on all the billboards in Salem,and on carly's forehead,it looks like a fucking(billboard)....when Viv gets a wind of their little romp i hope she burys both of them on top of each other alive!!!Carly is none other then a homewrecking {tip drill}....Definition for Tip drill (a whore that you tip toe around with).....
Good description of Carly. Her new name as the whore suits her well.
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