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I think they are smart to keep it going. It's not like it's the same story over and over. The same players are involved but the story itself keeps transforming. What was once a simple baby switch developed into several things over time. We saw the Dimera/Kiriakis feud tied in with it at one point. The Arianna/Brady/Nicole story was tied in with it. Rafe/Sami/EJ is now tied in with it. It tied into the teen story and setting up the future story for that group. It's probably going to set up even more stuff in the weeks ahead. That is what you want. You want stories within a story so you can keep going and there are no lulls. Plus, even though it seems some on the boards are sick of it, the ratings are doing fine. Until you start getting a sense that the ratings are suffering, they would be stupid to abandon long-term story.

I don't think his motive will be much of a twist. I suspect it will merely be he wants to run off with both kids or something. I think that is just Ali hyping it and that we've seen the last big twist in this kidnapping story with EJ being revealed as the mastermind.
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