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Peter Reckell on Bo, Hope - and Carly

After Hope was "killed" by Ernesto Toscano in a vat of acid, Bo was left to grieve his beloved wife. During this time, he met Dr. Carly Manning. And, although at first there was a great deal of animosity between the two, eventually (naturally) they fell in love. They were never officially married but they did exchange symbolic vows on top of a Mayan temple. Click here to watch their Mayan vows.

Eventually, however, Carly left Salem to be with Lawrence Alamain and their son, Nikki. She recently returned, and at an opportune time; Hope had just moved out of her and Bo's house with their daughter, Ciara. Carly needed protection and a place to stay and Bo offered them both.

As Peter told us, Hope leaving was "the catalyst for pretty much everything that's happening right now, especially the way she moved out, taking our daughter. Not being in touch with Bo for, I don't know, a couple of weeks. He didn't even have any way to contact them. A lot of things happened during that period of time, the worry about where they were, the anger about not giving me some way of talking to them. Like I said, it was a catalyst to a lot of hurt feelings and anger." And this was the scene that Carly stepped into.

On top of that, Bo really couldn't understand Hope's actions. "The whole reason she did it," he told us, "was because she thought I handled the kidnapping the wrong way." Bo, however, is quite certain he handled it the right way. "We did it the way the department is supposed to do it," Peter continued. "The rules and regulations about kidnapping are that way because, most often, this is what works. That's what I followed. She thinks they should have done it her way, which is going by her emotions and the procedure is to help people whose emotions get in the way when they're trying to get their child back."

And following the rules did bring Ciara back. Now, perhaps rightfully so, Bo thinks their little girl "needs her family together to have that security and Hope is taking her away, taking her from her home, etc. She doesn't have that security. So we have a huge disagreement on how to handle our daughter." This has further driven the wedge between Bo and Hope, and opened up old wounds, as traumatic situations often can. Namely, it has opened up the wounds that never quite healed after the death of their son, Zack. As Peter told us, "we've had disagreements in the past. We've sort of pulled ourselves together and moved forward. Those things I guess have kind of built up and gotten to the point of, well, we've reached the exploding point." He continued, saying that "with a certain circumstance like that, it's difficult to not try to blame somebody and most often you blame the person you most love. That's on top of everything else. I don't know how you overcome a circumstance where your child is killed like that. That's unfathomable to me. I hope I'm never faced with that."

Hope had moved out and taken Ciara and Bo couldn't begin to wrap his mind around why. He was hurt, resentful, angry, and that's when Carly came back to town. "It's funny because people talk about it like it's a new thing," Peter said. "The thing with us is that we've got this very intimate relationship that was several years ago. With her coming back, it isn't something that is just starting. It's old, old feelings that are being stirred up. At first, it's like an old friend and it's comfortable that way. It's as if we talked yesterday although it's been fifteen years or whatever. There's that comfortableness and I think that's what helps the two of them pull together. Carly has her drama and the hell she's going through and I've got my drama and the hell I'm going through. We can support each other and the relationship itself is kind of a haven. We can just be ourselves with each other. We understand the other person so it makes it that much easier."

Does this mean it's curtains for Bo and Hope? We'll withhold judgment on that, but for now, it sure looks that way.

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