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Jan 12 2010, 09:27 PM
Jan 12 2010, 09:24 PM
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Jan 12 2010, 07:32 PM
She won't be Bo's. She's slept with Philip several times, and the writers won't go there.
Seriously? This is Days. They had lots of uncle/niece loving with Max, and Philip once made out with his sister, Cassie (and didn't Lucas try to have sex with her? Lots of kissing there too). I don't think incest is much of a problem for them.

Days made it clear that the only reason they went there is because Max was adopted. It's not a good excuse, but they know no one is going to want phelanie if Mel is a Kirakis, and they're not going to kill their quad.
Yeah, with all the incest jokes about DAYS I don't think anyone "blood" related has ever been together right? It's always been almost related kind of like Shawn and Belle. If it wasn't for Bo being Victor's son, Shelle would be an incest couple LOL. :laugh:

EDIT: Sariah, I don't think Philip and Cassie ever kissed, because Cassie knew Philip was her brother long before he did. And Lucas wasn't even in Cassie's orbit, so I doubt he tried sleeping with her but maybe he did. :shrug: :shrug:
Actually, I think Lucas and Cassie did make out...

Since Cassie apparently no longer exists, though, I guess it never happened.

I don't remember blood relatives ever sleeping together. IIRC, two of the Horton siblings dated because both of them had amnesia or something, but that was long before my time, and idk the details or how far it went.
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