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Jan 12 2010, 09:10 PM
Jan 12 2010, 08:05 PM
Jan 12 2010, 07:16 PM
That is why it's not rushed having Bo sleep with Carly now. It's not a new relationship. It's a rekindling of one. They are both vulnerable and looking for an escape. It makes perfect sense.
If more time had been spent with Bo and Carly discussing their past together, it wouldn't have seemed quite so abrupt to newer viewers, IMO.
I agree. For those fans that actually watched Bo and Carly fall in love the first time, and those that didn't, but got to do their research and learned about their love story, it's not as jarring for Bo to sleep with Carly. However, for a new fan, no matter how many flashbacks are shown, it's going to be a little weird to see Bo in bed with anyone other than Hope after years of it being crammed into our heads that they're soulmates and can't be torn apart.
I agree with this somewhat. The only thing I find faulty about that reasoning is that newer viewers probably don't give a flip about Bo and Hope being together. I would think anyone that has come into watching Days since 2006 probably doesn't have the same attachment to them as a viewer would before that, especially if you consider they spent much of 2006 apart with Hope behaving much in the same way as she did during this recent breakup. Plus, you had them arguing in summer 2008 briefly due to Bo withholding evidence and then you had the other mini-breakup (which was ridiculous) this past February. Finally, you have the recent issues with them which has lasted from August-present so any recent viewers have seen them more at odds then actually together.

I don't know if they needed to spend more time prior to this on going into detail about Bo and Carly. I thought they did enough to have viewers understand the extent of it. We've gotten flashbacks. We've seen them in bonding scenes sitting back and having a beer, talking about times they spent back on the boat. They've talked about their Mayan "wedding." I do think they need to continue to do that so that the relationship is treated as just as viable as Bo and Hope's but the buildup to this IMO has been approached properly.

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