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While Hope is having a heart-to-heart with Maggie and admitting to her that she wants Bo back, Bo is telling Phillip that he has moved on with Carly.

Bo and Phillip are talking about the wedding and Philip asks Bo to be in the wedding. Phillip tells Bo that Carly can't be there and Bo says he understands. Bo sees Vivian come into the mansion, so he says that Carly did come back to Salem because she was after him. He says this so Vivian will think that his why she is back, and not because of her daughter. Phillip mentions that Bo is still wearing his wedding ring, so Bo takes it off and says that he still has feelings for Carly and that they are an item.

Later on Bo tells Abe what he did. Abe asks if he is going to tell Hope that he said what he did for Vivian's benefit. Bo says that the last time he did that or had a similar circumstance was when Hope saw Carly in the house and Victor got it out of her. So telling Hope that it was for Vivian to hear wouldn't stay a secret for long. And if Vivian finds out he was lying, she will be even angrier and take it out on Carly or Melanie. Abe warns Bo that his actions are going to hurt Hope.

Hope sees that Bo is no longer wearing his ring and believes his story that he is back with Carly. "She's just so devastated," sighs Kristian. "But judging by his actions, he was always ready to move on, I guess."

Is that true? Peter says, "He's still trying to figure that out; it's all very, very confusing. Obviously, he still loves Hope and the most important thing is he wants to be a father to Ciara." Peter goes on to say, "And then he has Carly and old feelings are being stirred up and she needs a lot of help. It's like a perfect soap opera, stuck between a rock and a hard place. He has all of these feelings going on and doesn't know how to wrangle them."
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