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Jan 13 2010, 01:00 AM
I love it. A lot of people are going to be upset with Bo's lie to Vivian leading Hope to believe their marriage is done, but that's what a soap is about. Misunderstands that lead to conflict and more drama. At least this one actually makes sense, unlike the last time Bo and Hope broke up over a misunderstanding due to Kate and Billie setting things up at that motel for Hope to walk in on what looked like Bo and Billie in bed together. :eyeroll:
Wasn't it Chelsea and Billie? Your point still stands true though. Just look at the best soap stories. Misunderstandings often times were huge parts of them. The one thing you don't want is misunderstandings being the backbone of a story. That is not the case here. The case here is that Bo and Hope nearly lost their daughter. She didn't like what he did and it brought out old wounds that never healed. She made a rash decision and left with their daughter for a period of time and things have snowballed since. Then you have Bo trying to help Carly and her daughter and the danger involved is forcing him to do some things (like take his ring off and declare he and Carly an item) that cause him to push Hope further away.

I like this. I like that we get Bo/Philip, Hope/Maggie, and Bo/Abe scenes. I can understand why Bo does what he does given what happened with Hope the last time he said anything.

I also love how it is mentioned that Vivian would get angrier and take it out on Carly and Melanie. Nice subtle mention of Carly's daughter LOL.

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