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Jan 13 2010, 01:00 AM
I love it. A lot of people are going to be upset with Bo's lie to Vivian leading Hope to believe their marriage is done, but that's what a soap is about. Misunderstands that lead to conflict and more drama. At least this one actually makes sense, unlike the last time Bo and Hope broke up over a misunderstanding due to Kate and Billie setting things up at that motel for Hope to walk in on what looked like Bo and Billie in bed together. :eyeroll:
I don't mind Bo's lie to keep Vivian off the case. But I feel like this is bad storytelling all out of order to have this lie and Bo taking off the ring happen AFTER Bo slept with Carly.

That Hope would even want Bo back so quickly after he had sex with Carly, and not just in terms of Ciara having a father in her life, makes me lose respect for her. And that Bo thinks he can screw Carly yet still have a chance to get back with Hope like nothing happened makes me think Bo is a cad, which I never saw in him before.

Like every other story on DAYS right now, this one too is unfortunately going off the rails for me which sucks as I am one who could enjoy either Bope or Barly if the writing was there for it. Unfortunately, just like with the writing for Melanie and Mia, Bo is being written wishy washy as hell so I want him to end up alone until he learns how to think before he acts and stop being so cavalier with women's feelings.
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