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Jan 13 2010, 01:25 AM
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I love it. A lot of people are going to be upset with Bo's lie to Vivian leading Hope to believe their marriage is done, but that's what a soap is about. Misunderstands that lead to conflict and more drama. At least this one actually makes sense, unlike the last time Bo and Hope broke up over a misunderstanding due to Kate and Billie setting things up at that motel for Hope to walk in on what looked like Bo and Billie in bed together. :eyeroll:
Wasn't it Chelsea and Billie?
No. It was definitely Billie and Kate. Chelsea then made Abby tell Hope about Morgan Island so that she would go there with Patrick, leaving Bo in Salem with Billie.
It wasn't Kate. I was unable to find a clip of the episode on Youtube (I found clips of that episode but only Shelle ones) but I do still have those months on tape mostly because that was before the Zack story went off the rails for me. I went back and looked and Chelsea called Billie and convinced her to get in bed with Bo to get Hope to leave.

I don't have clips but I did find the TV.com episode summary that supports this:

Season 41, Episode 75 Aired: 2/23/2006
Ep. #10257

Hope and Jennifer leave the motel after seeing Billie and Bo in bed together. When Bo wakes up later, Billie is fully dressed and back in the chair, and he thanks her for being there for him, but she feels guilty for having listened to Chelsea. Shawn looks at Mimi dressed in Caroline's wedding gown, but it's Belle's face he sees. Bonnie overhears Shawn confessing his love for Belle, but doesn't tell Mimi. Kate pushes Mimi to keep quiet. Chelsea goes to Patrick's to pick up some clothes, still angry that he turned her in, and overhears him talking about going to a small island. John is shocked to see that Alex has given Marlena the wedding gown she originally wore to marry him in!


Chelsea calls Billie in the episode before this and convinces her and she strips down and gets in bed with Bo.

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