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Viewing Single Post From: Peter Reckell on Bo, Hope - and Carly

Jan 13 2010, 09:49 AM
I'm not a Bo and Carly fan necessarily but I am beyond tired of Hope having that pained look on her face when Bo disappoints her because he dares to have a thought that she hasn't approved of. The only thing he did wrong in terms of getting Ciara back was that it wasn't what Hope wanted. I am tired of watching her take away his manhood and if Carly makes him feel strong again, then go for it.

Hope left Bo and is now mad at how he's acting. What about when she left him and slept with Patrick and then turned up pregnant thinking it was Patrick's? Or when they thought Zack was John's? Both times he stood by her but she can't seem to do it for him.

I really wonder if Bo and Hope are over. Days is obviously going in new directions, hence half the cast being new characters, so why keep Bo and Hope together? What's sad, is that given the way Hope is acting, I'm not sure even I want them together anymore.
Once again, why do people forget the reason she left and went off to that Island... Billie in Bed with Bo even though Bo was drunk...Hope didn't know that as Billie said "Make love to me again Bo". Anyway because of Billie and Chelsea and those ridiculous Emails about divorce, Hope slept with Patrick and at the very same time (split screen of the two couples) Bo was sleeping with Billie. As far as John is concerned.....hello....it was GINA.....not Hope. Hope was horrified when she found out what had happened. Besides Bo got Billie pregnant and that was real. Hope is the one that told Bo he needs to be with Billie and to leave Hope alone. She wouldn't even let him kiss her like he wanted to do because he was married to Billie....unlike Carly who has no morals or cares that she is bedding a married man.

Why shouldn't Hope be upset to find out her husband and the succubus is having sex. Whether they are together right now or not, they are still married....Carly moved in and attached herself to poor Bo. She won't leave him alone for Hope and Bo to even get together to talk....because she shows up like a bad penny....whether at Bo's house or Maggie's house. She is a clinging albatross.
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