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I really, really LOVED Bo and Carly back in the day. I think that it was something that needed to be witnessed maybe to understand the depth of the relationship. Especially the way that Carly actually fell in love with Shawn Douglas first and was the "motherly figure" he so desparately needed after Hope died and Bo wasn't coping. The funny thing is, I thought the whole Bo/Carly relationship was actually the most respectful to Bope because the entire first year of them back in the 90's it was Bo's love for Hope and their relationship that kept him and Carly apart. There is really no length of time that would fully bring that to light currently. Bo has always been Carly's rock and vice versa, that really was the basis for their whole relationship. Again they find themselves in that situation. I think they have really turned Hope into this strange whining, spitefull, back-biting character, which I am not a fan of. I do, however, believe that Carly is the only really believable obstacle for Bope. That is the point of soap operas is to find a way to always challenge your "couples". Otherwise, these shows would be sit-coms if every episode wrapped things up in a nice neat package. I still like Bo and Carly and I wish the set up might have been different and still believe unfortunately that Bope is the end game. I will enjoy it while it lasts though, and I am not opposed to Carly shacking up with another Dr. and ending the nightmare that is DanHoe.
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