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Viewing Single Post From: Peter Reckell on Bo, Hope - and Carly

Jan 13 2010, 09:26 AM
Jan 12 2010, 11:33 PM
Jan 12 2010, 10:28 PM
Jan 12 2010, 06:55 PM
Fuck Bo. He is just a jerk. Marriages have issues. You don't get to go screw your ex-women or men when it suits you. Bo did this while wearing his freaking wedding ring. He was not legally seperated. He hadn't even filed for divorce. He is nothing but a cheap excuse for a hero and husband. HATE HIM.
Fuck Hope. She left Bo, three times in three years. She has called him a bad father. She has recoiled at his touch. She has turned down every freaking attempt he has made to work TOGETHER to fix their marriage. She has done this for years. She gave more trust and respect to Franco, to Patrick and now to Justin. She mocks Bo's visions, after having left him for not sharing them.

She's told Bo it's over several time, hired a lawyer to make sure she gets to make all the decisions about Ciara, and she's been trashing Bo to his own family. Sometimes when a person says something often enough it is believed. ONE person alone cannot fix the marriage. Bo tried and tried and tried. Hope gave him the finger and told him the only thing that he could have done is admit he is wrong to her in everything. BS

Sometimes even a good guy gets tired of getting treated like a piece of trash. Hope put this into motion. Bo tried repeatedly to mend things for months. Hope throws temper tantrums. Bo got tired of it.
Way to go Bo.
You know, if you were even a little bit right about the way Bo feels, he wouldn't be confused at all.
You know, even if you were the Pope, I would not accept your judgment about right or wrong when it comes to pretend people and a pretend couple.
It's not a judgement about what's right and wrong. It's just the obvious facts of the storyline. If Bo was so over Hope because she was all the things you describe (very inaccurately btw) then he wouldn't be confused would he? He would just move on with Carly and never look back.

Oooh, but that's not what's happening and not what's reported in the mags is it? So either the show is wrong, or you are.
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