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I'm glad to see Bo move on with Carly. Hope has been treating him like garbage for years with her holier-than-thou attitude. Bo tried endlessly to please her and begged her to come home; Hope wanted none of it. That is, until Carly showed up and now, all of a sudden, she realizes how much she loves Bo and wants to make things work. Give me a break! Hope told him she wanted a divorce how many times now? I give Bo credit for hanging on as long as he did. Hope ended that marriage all on her own. She lost whatever entitlement she had to him when she moved out and told him she was going to file papers. I'm sick of watching Hope use Bo as her punching bag.

Hope has played the victim card one too many times for me! I'm not buying it this time around. What Bo and Carly did was wrong, but it's not as cut and dry as Hope is making it out to be (e.g., "how dare you sleep with my husband"). Hope intented to end her marriage, which means she's denouncing Bo as her husband. It's funny how he's all of a sudden "her husband" when it's convenient for her. Also, let's not forget that Hope hasn't considered moving on as well. She asked Justin to help her move on from Bo just a few weeks ago. They've been growing much closer lately and were kissing in Vivian's room (c'mon, they couldn't have thought of another excuse to be in there?). And, considering Bo's argument with Justin, Bo has valid reason to believe that something is going on between the two of them.

I think what we're seeing here is Bo's rebellious streak making an appearance. His whole world is crumbling around him and he's finished being the "good guy punching bag." He's finding comfort when his "wife" bailed on him and he's not denying himself of it. And why should he? HOPE LEFT HIM. If Bo makes Carly happy and Carly makes Bo happy, they shouldn't deny themselves. Granted, Bo should follow through with the divorce now (even if Hope doesn't want it). Although I would understand if he doesn't press the issue right away considering Hope just lost her uncle, etc. Either way, I'm so happy to see Bo with a backbone again!! Rock on Barly!
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