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Carly goes off when she finds Vivian chumming it up with Melanie; which alienates her daughter and makes Vivian more suspicious.

"Carly can't help herself," says CC. "She's becoming more and more distraught, because she can't seem to stop Vivian from getting closer to Melanie. And Melanie hates Carly and won't listen to her when she tries to warn her about how dangerous Vivian is."

It all starts when Carly runs into Melanie at the hospital. Melanie wants to suspend her position in the nursing program until she returns from her honeymoon and she needs Carly's permission to freeze her credits. Carly tells Melanie they can fix this and tries to convince her that she can have a career and be married.

During the conversation, Melanie opens up about what her life was like with Trent. It's the first time Carly finds out about that and she is devastated to hear that her child had that kind of upbringing. After Melanie leaves, Carly just weeps. Then, she hears Lawrence laughing at her again and it's like somehow he has won.

Then Carly has another nightmarish fantasy; that Vivian is killing her daughter. "Carly has had visions of Vivian stabbing Melanie and shooting her. Poor Molly Burnett had blood on her all the time," chuckles Crystal.

Finally Carly snaps back into reality. Then she sees Victor, who tells her that he and Vivian may go with Phillip and Melanie on their honeymoon. "To have Vivian anywhere near her child, let alone on a boat for months, is horrible news," says CC.

Later Carly enters the Java Cafe and finds Melanie and Vivian talking about wedding plans. "Carly loses it for a moment seeing the two of them together, laughing and carrying on," recounts CC. She intrudes and tells Melanie to stay away from Vivian, that she is dangerous. Melanie has such a grudge against Carly that she just blows her off. At the same time, Vivian is becoming more curious as to why Carly is so passionate about making sure Melanie is safe. So Carly pulls back a little. She says she wouldn't be human if she didn't warn Melanie about Vivian. She tries to coverup how overboard she went.

Later, Carly tells Bo about almost slipping up with Vivian, but she believes her secret is still safe. But unbeknownst to her, Vivian's interest was piqued. Vivian even goes so far as to ask Gus to find out everything he can about Melanie Layton.

Crystal says, "Carly is in this very difficult position of wanting to be near this child she was forced to give away so many years ago, but the closer she gets to Melanie, the more danger she puts her in. She needs to keep the secret as long as possible - until she can figure out a way to get Vivian out of the picture. Because she knows Vivian will kill her daughter. Any woman who could bury a woman alive could certainly kill someone she barely knows."
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