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"It's like a graduation, not a funeral," says Bryan of leaving Salem after playing the role of Lucas for 15 years. "It's a good thing; everything happens for a reason in life. The show is a great show and always will be. I hope it lasts long and I hope the ratings are soaring. I love everyone there. Having a place to go everyday is going to be missed, but I wasn't working that much at the end anyway, so it weaned me off of it."

Bryan got the news about the show not renewing his contract right before the holiday break. He says he was kind of suprised when Gary Tomlin came in at the end of the day, but he kind of knew it. "I knew my contract was up, and the way the storyline was headed, I knew I didn't have one, so after being in that business for that long, I know that's not a good thing." Bryan says he had running jokes with one of the guys in wardrode. "I would say, 'Oh, you didn't hear yet? Well, I'm going to be fired any day,' and he would be like, 'No way.' And I would say; 'I'm telling you; I'm not going to be renewed. I know when it's coming. My head is already lined up in the guillotine.'"

Bryan says that sticking around in a reccuring capacity doesn't interest him. "It would be kind of rough for me to go recurring the way the character was," he explains. "It just didn't seem to have much development and it became harder to play. It was cool because one of the initial things Gary Tomlin said to me when he came on was he thanked me for not pushing my character on him and understanding how the character had to work - he didn't get the girl and the storyline doesn't go through Lucas. And that was fine - it's a really good supporting role, and I loved playing it, but it just seemed like they saw the character in one light. It kind of outgrew itself, it seems. After that amount of time, maybe I burned out on it; maybe the character burned out on me. Or maybe it was a combination of the two. But I have no bad feelings at all toward anybody. I don't feel like I've been wronged. I just kind of feel like it happened because it needed to happen."

Dattilo, who has left before, feels like this is the end. "That's it; 15 years, 16 total, but I was in a coma for a year, so it doesn't count. Fifteen years on air; I can say I did a soap opera that long." Looking ahead, he says, "I can't wait to see what happens. It's hard to get a job, but I was looking for the job when I got DAYS, so it's back to the grind of pilot season, preparing myself and making the most oout of the opportunity. I know I'll work again."

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Under casting news it says his last airdate is February 16th. He didn't do a formal goodbye on set, but he did sneak a note in to Stuart's (the stage manager) desk because Bryan had cleaned out his dressing room over the vacation with his son, Gabriel. Bryan says, "So, that was kind of eerie that that would be the last time I was there. I was walking through the studios, in the dark, telling my son, 'This is where I started.' So I left a little note, 'To all my friends at DAYS, I'll miss you so much,' and signed my name. I put it in the desk because eventually, Stuart will look in the desk and find it. So maybe he'll announce it over the PA, hopefully."
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