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Jan 14 2010, 02:59 PM
Jan 14 2010, 02:44 PM
Bo is using Carly for sex because just like it was quoted in SOW she is "EASY". That doesn't sound too respectful to me. :whistle:
Of course, you realize SOW didn't say anything of the kind, right? The magazine quoted Peter as saying that Bo likes being with Carly and he likes their relationship. And that the relationship is easy. Nothing was ever said about Carly being easy. But why let the facts get in the way, when making things up is so much more salacious?
:hail: :hail: :hail:
Of course. Anyone who read the article realizes what it said and how it was meant. But calling names is easier than actually discussing motivations of characters, why they feel what they do, why there is anger, why there is hurt and why you see one side as opposed to the other side.
EASY is just another way to use a misogynistic attitude, women to women. Such class. Just like women calling each other whores and sluts.

The fact is that if Carly is easy because she cheated on her abusive husband, or she cheated with a married man she once loved, there is hardly a woman in Salem than can't be defined as easy, with the exception of Alice. That is a fact. Hope, Kayla, Marlena, Kim, have had as many lovers outside their marriages as did Carly. Some people think even single females having sex outside of marriage with single males are "easy" or other names. But on a soap, clearly, since even the youth of Hope, Kay, Kim, they were all having sex before marriage. With Hope it was only Bo before they were married. After, well we all know the history. With Kay she was with Chris (now Roman) before Jack. Then Steve. Then Shane. Kim was prostituting before returning home to Salem.
And today's young crew, Stephanie, Melanie, and the middle crew...Sami, Nicole, Arianna. Who isn't "easy?"

Oh yea, way back when, I am guessing Julie would have been called any one of those names........but that's how women were treated then, by other women. Sad, that mind set remains in Salem. We've come a long way baby...NOT.
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