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Viewing Single Post From: SOD: Bo Takes Off His Wedding Ring

Jan 14 2010, 02:44 PM
Jan 14 2010, 01:51 PM
Carly treats Bo with much more respect than Hope. Hope has left him and mistreated him on numerous occasions. I think he just can't take anymore and finally sees Hope for who she really is- selfish. Carly is an adult; he has a history with her and would have ultimately spent his life with her had she not left to be with her son and Lawrence. Bo shouldn't have slept with Carly while still married to Hope if he wants a chance of working things out; that I agree with. It was wrong. But I can't forget that Hope started all of this by running off with their daughter. She could have come home at any time; Bo begged her to come back and she wouldn't. Hope needs to accept this as ultimately her fault. She got what she wanted. Oh no, she didn't, she wanted Bo to sit at home and wait indefinitely until she decided to grace him with her presence and not be a total BITCH to him. Sorry Hope, he didn't wait. Too bad, so sad. Maybe she'll learn Bo isn't a door mat this time.
Carly kisses up to Bo's ego really good with her weak damsel in distress routine. If that's what you mean by respect, then Ok Looks more like she manipulating him to me. But just like the love between Bo and Carly is one sided, so is the respect. Bo is using Carly for sex because just like it was quoted in SOW she is "EASY". That doesn't sound too respectful to me. :whistle:
Very well said. Bo is just relieving built up stress. I agree with you. Carly is manipulating Bo. And Bo is a fool for falling for it.
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