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Jan 14 2010, 05:14 PM
What is this fascination that Tomlin has for GG/Rafe? He appreciated the fact that BD didn't make waves about his character not being utilized? I want BD to jump into one of the most successful sidcoms since Friends/Seinfield or something..let's go Bryan...you can do it! and then tell them all to FUCK OFF!
I think it's that GT didn't see BD as a leading man who could win the girl which he obviously does with GG :embarrassed: and thought that was an essential ingredient for "the story"with Sami.

So he swapped BD/Lucas for GG/Rafe to satisfy his love-triangle obsession, as that's the only sort of story he seems interested in telling. Once the character of Rafe came on the scene, Lucas became redundant in their triangle focused world.

Glad that Bryan got whatever bitterness he had in the article that ran last month, so that he left with as much class as is possible. If Days is still around in 12-18 months, I'm sure GT will be knocking.
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