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Who the heck is GT to just pingonhold a character and an actor. Lucas doesn't get the girl? Well, I remember when he got his girl there was a wave of support. But then Lucas and his girl got a rewrite by several horrible writers and they haven't been the same since.

Only a narrow-minded, unimaginative writer would tell an actor, we're never really going to invest time and use you properly. We already have in our mind who the "lead" actors are.

I really think that's soaps real problem. They invest too much in the same people. And fans end up tired of the same people front and center and good characters ignored.

I really think it has nothing to do with bryan's ability. They don't know his true ability because they didn't truly use him. I think GT want clean slate characters with no real history because it's easier to write them.

Look at the three or four characters with real history, not rewritten/currently paste together mess, then ask-- are they really being written correctly? Is he really utilizing these characters to their best?
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