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Jan 15 2010, 10:39 AM
Only a narrow-minded, unimaginative writer would tell an actor, we're never really going to invest time and use you properly. We already have in our mind who the "lead" actors are.

I really think that's soaps real problem. They invest too much in the same people. And fans end up tired of the same people front and center and good characters ignored.
I am not a Lucas fan or a fan of BD's acting, though I think he's a nice, charming man. However, I think you are completely right that any writer worth his or her salt should be able to craft a compelling story for any character. Soaps are ensemble shows for a reason--they're on five days a week and rarely pre-empted. They have hundreds of episodes per year. They need to be able to have multiple stories going on so that somebody who isn't interested in the baby switch might be interested in the Bo/Hope/Carly story, for example. I rarely find ALL the stories interesting at one time and there are some characters who I literally can't stand and either have to FF or grit my teeth when they're on, but I stick around because of the stories and characters I do like. And, even with characters I'm not emotionally invested in I can enjoy their story if it's well written. I don't care for Lucas, but I'm not opposed to seeing him in a well-written story. I've never found him a plausible romantic lead, but tastes vary and I can see why other people do. I think there was plenty of room for him on the canvas as at least a B-story player.
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