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Jan 15 2010, 12:32 PM
It wasn't too long ago that AS was not a considerable romantic lead. It's called giving someone a chance. It's called writing to a character's strength instead of constantly trying to make fun of and point out his weaknesses.

All the writers wanted to write was how Lucas was so weak, just look at his relationship with his mother. And he's an alcoholic. But that's so one sided.

Lucas was a strong in other ways. He was never scared of Stephano and willing to take on that family. He was immensely loyal to those he loved. That's why people still believe he didn't shoot EJ. He's a Horton that never quite fit the Horton mode. He spent years with Victor, worked under Tony, went toe to toe with Sami yet maintained a complex good guy nature. And he has a connection to every family on that show.

Yet the writers don't think story can move through him? WTF! And they get paid for this?
Personally, I think the character needs to be rested for a while, just like I think Alison S. should have taken a longer maternity leave and James Scott should have had more time off during the summer. Bryan is right that they left him too one dimensional and it's nice to hear him verbalize that it makes it difficult to play the character as an actor. Aside from the only one take rule, it appears that many of the actors have no idea what is driving their characters or what their motivations are.

However, your post has made some excellent points!!
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