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Mentally ill or is it menopause ? I am not bashing CC or making fun of women in menopause. Menopause isn't something to make fun of. This just came to thought when I read this post with the way Carly is and has been acting. When my friend was starting into menopause, she could cry about anything, any time, so I know that it shouldn't be made fun of or taken litely. I just thought of it when I read this. Some women are able to cry on command and some can't. I am not a big fan of CC or Carly. However, if they would get Carly out of Bo's life and give Carly her own storyline with her being a little crazy or mentally unstable, CC could pull it off and I'm not saying that in a bad way. Carly is already acting weird and unstable so I for one think it could be an interesting sl. It's been a while since DOOL had a really crazed person so it could be fun to watch.
I think we're getting to a place where actress and character are getting mixed up. She specifically said CC, meaning the actress. THAT is what I'm questioning.

And seriously, I'm perimenopausal. Why do we need to go off the deep end for a change of life story? Hot flashes and the normal occasional crabbiness, yes. Possibly the loss of sex drive (see: Hope), yes. We don't need her to go nutso and blame it on change of life. It would be nice to acknowledge it in passing without turning it into a drama. For the most part, I don't think it affects women that seriously. And we don't need to give a reason to have a court case that says "Lack of estrogen made me do it". :P Save that for Law and Order.
If it is confusing, I'm sorry. I was talking about Carly with the mental illness or menopause. And I was not making fun of meopause, because as I said it is nothing to make fun of. When I said that if they were to have a sl with Carly a little crazed or mentally unstable that CC could pull it off, I wasn't saying it in a bad way. Carly has been acting unstable so I think that would be an interesting sl for her to have on her own.
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