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I have an idea...which, admittedly, has been done before. Ryan's Hope reruns have appeared on Soapnet. Dark Shadows reruns have appeared on the SciFan Channel. Almost immediately after their respective cancellations, P&G owned soaps, The Edge of Night' and 'Search for Tomorrow' appeared on the USA network. I would dearly love ATWT to continue with new episodes on a new network, but realize that it is a financial impossibility, so, why can't this happen as well?
Telenext/P&G could strike a deal to show ATWT & GL reruns on another network.
USA, if I recall, showed Edge's last 3 1/2 years running from them from late 1985 to early 1989, and when SFT ended, it immediately followed Edge. Edge was on 12 midnight, SFT at 12:30am...I would program my VCR (as I was working at third shift at the time)

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