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Jan 18 2010, 12:51 AM
Jan 17 2010, 06:01 AM
There is not one couple together on this show I like at the moment. I have no interest in the current couples or people together. Bo and Hope are the only reason I really watch this show. Nothing really makes me want to watch it right now.
I've noticed people on other boards have said they have stopped watching due to Bo's cheating and they don't like Bo and Carly together. There is soo much anger at the moment over Bo's cheating and the Bope breakup that it is going to cause the show to lose viewers if it hasn't already. The Bo and Carly sex pushed it too far. The writers have taken away everything that was good about the show. I think days will lose alot in the ratings if this Bope breakup continues.
I don't understand this at all - aren't you happy they have a story? Or would you rather see them once a month, backburned, boring and happy?

Like I just can't understand the concept behind a soap fan who only likes happy couples. Soap operas as a genre are about just the opposite, lol.
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Most don't get it either. But yes there seems to be a small cadre of fans who prefer a boring, do nothing couple, whose only story is him saving her from some villain every other story, or her dying of cancer, and then a miraculous recovery. As long as the "couple" is in a vacuum, kept in tact, and he worships her 24/7, some are happy. I swear some would prefer the actors fired to seeing their favorite couple do anything but look like bumps on log. Sad.

Soaps are about angst, and problems, and people tune in for that stuff. People tune out for happy ever after boredom.
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