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Vivian has her eye set on destroying Carly's child; her plans escalate and come to a head. Carly makes it to the wedding, but mistakes are made and blame is on the wrong people. It ends in a shocking act of violence.
It sounds like Vivian's revenge will end just as quickly as it begins. A shocking act of violence? Let me guess -- Melanie gets shot. I was hoping for some sort of drawn-out torture, a la "Buried Alive." I hope that this plays out better than it sounds.
Melanie writes a letter to Nathan telling him her true feelings for him.
Not interested.
Stephanie wants Nathan and takes a turn to the darker side.
Nice! Even though Stephanie really seems to serve no purpose as a lead character today (really, she's nothing more than a quad prop) I do like it when she's bitchy. I'm glad the writers are taking her in this direction.
Hope finds out Carly's secret (Melanie is Carly's daughter), but Carly has one last secret about her child that will change many lives.
Daniel is the father. Zzzzz.
Bo and Carly continue to grow closer, but how will he react when Carly and Hope are both in danger?
I'm guessing he'll have to choose which lady he wants to save, and of course he'll choose Hope. Carly will see that he still loves Hope and she'll pull away from Bo, just like Lisa Rinna's Billie did in 1995/1996. I really hope that Carly and Hope are placed in some kind of exciting danger and not something shitty and lame like boxes falling on them at the pier.

Thanks Angie!
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