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EJ's lies regarding "missing" baby Sydney cause a split between Sami and Rafe.

Sami tries to apologize to Rafe for not telling him about the ransom notes, but it doesn't go very well. "He is so taken aback that they didn't let him in on the ransom note, that they're hindering the investigation," sighs GG. "He's done everything for this woman and still she doesn't trust him. He feels totally shut out."

Gabi comes to the townhouse to talk to Rafe and Gabi and Rafe then leave without telling Sami. Sami, in turn, heads to the DiMera mansion to seek comfort from EJ. Rafe finds them together.

"Ultimately, Rafe begins to feel that althought it's a very difficult situation for everyone to be in, EJ is using the situation to leverage his position with Sami, " notes Galen. "Rafe doesn't trust EJ, but at this point, he is not suspicious that EJ is involved in the kidnapping. If EJ is getting in the way, he's doing so inadvertently, as opposed to really covering something up."

Rafe admits to Sami and EJ that he doesn't have any new leads and Sami is devastated. She tells Rafe that she doesn't believe that he is going to bring her baby home. "All the pressure is really on Rafe to find the kid," says GG. "He's in a very precarious situation in that if he doesn't find Sydney, or find her alive, he's not only failed as an FBI agent, but also as Sami's boyfriend. Without success on the baby front, I don't think there's going to be success on the relationship front. And Rafe knows EJ knows this."

Back at the townhouse, Sami and Rafe argue and she admits that it's hard for her to see him at all. He decides the best thing, then, is to move out. "If she can't trust him, then maybe he shouldn't be around," shrugs GG. "Obviously, he's totally bummed out. The guy just feels like these extenuating circumstances are always acting on the relationship. These poor guys don't even get a chance to be together. It's a bad situation for poor Rafester."

EJ runs into Rafe and spies his bags. He expresses sympathy, but when Rafe leaves, EJ smiles malevolenty. "Rafe definitely starts getting the feeling that in some perverse way, EJ is enjoying it," adds GG.
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