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Hope finally accepts the end of her marriage to Bo. Kristian Alfonso weighs in on the supercouple's struggles.

Bo and Hope have a run-in at the Pub. Hope is leaving, and Bo walks in. They accidentally bump into each other. Hope drops a sailboat she was holding and it breaks. Hope bought it for Ciara, because she had been asking questions about when Bo and Hope sailed around the world together. Hope thought it would be fun to get this sailboat for her, but now it's broken. Bo apologizes.

The conversation quickly turns to Carly. Hope accuses Bo of lying to her about his ex and Hope says that what really happened between them was much more than sex. That her instincts were correct and Bo does have feelings for Carly. Bo doesn't admit it, but by not acknowledging it and just looking at her, he confirms it for Hope. They end up arguing about what's transpired in the last few months and Hope lets him have it. Bo says he will buy a new boat for Ciara. Kristian says that Hope says, "No. I'll buy another one or something else. It's easily replaced, just like I was. Just like that." And she snaps her fingers.

Kristian says, "In Hope's mind, she vacillates back and forth between, 'This is end end of my marriage' and 'Oh, my God! How could this be happening?'"

Later, Justin tells Hope about a chat he had with Carly. Hope learns that Carly has no guilt about being with Bo at all. Even though she has been saying "Go back to Hope," she has no qualms about being the other woman. Hope decides to confront Carly. She wants to have a word with her and tell her that this isn't game. Hope ends up telling Carly off.

Carly starts going on about how Hope left her son years ago and she took care of him. Hope thanks her for being there for Shawn while she was gone. Kristian says, "But it wasn't like Hope had a choice to be gone. She'd been kidnapped." Hope says it's too bad that Carly didn't make it official then. She could have had Bo, but instead she chose Lawrence and all his money instead of love.

Bo then interrupts. Kristian says, "He takes Carly's side, which seems so out of character. It's almost like he's disgusted with Hope. Bo can't believe that Hope would say something so low. Hope can't believe any of this. It's a nightmare."

Bo walks away from Hope with Carly. KA says, "Hope's just so numb and sad. She can't believe any of this is real. Yes, she and Bo were having troubles in their marriage, but she can't believe how he has just moved on. And it seems so easy for him."

Kristian shares her thoughts on the whole Bo/Hope breakup. She says, "Anything that comes to an end is sad. I keep thinking, 'How does Hope ever forgive Bo for this (affair with Carly)?' Because this time, he really knows what's happening. When he was with Billie, he was drugged or drunk or gassed. This time there's no excuse. And if you go back in story, Hope wanted to move back home with Ciara and work things out, but Bo said no because he needed to protect Carly. So he put himself in a bad situation."

Kristan also talks about working with Wally Kurth. "He's such a cutie patootie. He's so sweet and such an easygoing guy. We're having a great time working together, but he's not a love interest." Kristian likes that Hope isn't jumping into the sack with Justin right away. She says, "It's one of the things that I love about Hope. She's strong, tough and opinionated, but her heart is her heart. She can't fool herself. Even though she's been scorned and hurt, she's not someone who can just say, 'Fine. I'll sleep with another guy.' That's not the type of character she is, and I think that's great."

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