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After months of spying and digging, Vivian receives positive proof that Melanie is Carly's daughter.

"Vivian's goal is to avenge Lawrence's death by destroying Carly, " explains Louise. "Not only does she want to kill Carly, but also kill her daughter to cause her incredible amounts of pain."

Vivian first pressures Gus to get evidence linking Carly and Melanie. Then, she starts doing some investigating of her own and starts questioning Melanie about her family. She doesn't get much out of Melanie. Louise says, "Phillip interrupts and Vivian stops, because she deeply cares for him and he's madly in love with Melanie."

When Victor shows up, Vivian shares her new theory about Carly and Melanie, but he isn't interested. "Victor's getting annoyed and losing patience with Vivian," explains LS. "He just wants Carly gone. He wants Vivian to get on with her plan, and she promises she will. It just takes time."

Later, Vivian goes to Maggie's to do some digging and she gets a call from Gus. He tells her that Melanie's birth date matches that of Carly's daughter and they go over all the details. Vivian is delighted and now she can go through with her plan. Victor, however, orders Vivian to alter her original plan. "He doesn't want to hurt Melanie," says LS. "Victor says, 'If you do anything to hurt my projected daughter-in-law, it will be your head.' Vivian agrees not to hurt Melanie for Phillip's sake. It's all about Phillip."

Vivian goes off to plot Carly's demise, when she gets a 'visit' from her deceased nephew, Lawrence. "He starts nagging to Vivian to return to the original plan," notes LS. "Vivian is torn, because Phillip loves Melanie, but Lawrence doesn't care about her at all. Lawrence wants Melanie destroyed, because of her connection to Carly. He wants to make Carly suffer."

Vivian informs Victor she's going to off Melanie after all, and tells him about her visit from Lawrence. "Victor thinks Vivian has gone completely bonkers," recounts LS. "He starts talking to a nonentity in the Kiriakis mansion. He goes, 'Did you hear what your crazy aunt is going to do, Lawrence?' He makes fun of Vivian and starts treating her like an insane person. Victor tells Vivian that in no way, shape or form is she going to hurt his son's bride-to-be."

Vivian appeases Victor and backs down, but later she meets with Gus and plots a way to kill Melanie while Carly watches. "Vivian's trying to do what Lawrence wants, because he's pressuring her," says Louise. "Yet she's torn. Vivian loves Lawrence, but she's also always had this hope that maybe someday, she could ride off into the sunset with Victor and that Phillip would come around. So she's very conflicted."
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