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Jan 21 2010, 03:28 PM
Jan 21 2010, 03:25 PM
Poor Hope. This interview makes me dislike Carly and Bo even more.
Yeah, they do suck don't they. Bo is downright being abusive towards Hope with this lie. I hope Carly is paying real close attention. She should recognize that type of sadistic behavior with her experience with Lawrence.
Amen. I can not believe this story line! Bo chooses Carly and all of her secrets over Hope? He'd rather break Hope's heart, be abusive toward her all for Carly?! I can't see how Hope can forgive Bo after all of this crap. Why can't Carly leave Bo alone, instead of being so damn selfish. She doesn't need his help for anything. Didn't Bo say "Hope made her bed, she can lye in it.". Well Carly made her bed when she "killed" Lawrence, she needs to lye in her own damn bed-alone! She messed up Bo's life, now she wants to make Mel's worse?
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