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How dare Carly throw her taking care of Shawn while Hope was gone in Hope's face? Bitch! It wasn't like Hope skipped out of town and left her family stranded. She was presumed dead and held against her will by Stefano, and had amnesia! Fuck Carly! I have considered Hope the bad bitch throughout this entire story, but once these scenes play, I'm going to be on Team Hope for the win. Fuck Carly Manning. I'm glad Hope throws back in Carly's face that she chose to break Bo's heart and go with Lawrence and his money. Go Hope!

And I like Alfonso's explanation of Hope and Justin. It's a good thing that she's not rushing into bed with Justin. That was one of the one things that ruined Hope during Zack's death. She fell for Patrick way too easily after thinking that Bo was with Billie.
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