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No story right now for Renee (Lexie). She says she just has a few lines here and there in the scripts that she gets. She says she is ok with it though. She says she loves acting, but truly enjoys her time off. "When you have a strong storyline, you have no life. I'm confident that at some point I'll have a storyline again. When it will be, I don't know."

She looks forward to coming in though, and the fun part about coming in now is seeing the people. She isn't looking for other work during her time off and she is redoing her house. But, if it gets to the point where she's had enough downtime and wants to work she says, "I have faith that either I'll start working more on this show or I'll do something else. But right now, I just don't feel it. I've been in the business since 1979! I just don't have tht hunger anymore. I'm in a very comfortable, good place in my life right now. And it's so full. Sometimes you need work to fill you up, but I don't need work do that; I'm full already."

The rest of it is basically her talking about spending time with boyfriend. Also, she talks about her sister that died in 2007 and how her death, (and her brother dying when he was 25) makes her look at life differently and see what is important and what isn't.
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