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Before we start with the nominees for the Second Annual Soap Opera Hall of Fame, here is a link to the 5 inductees who are honored in the awards 1st year.

1st Annual Soap Opera Hall of Fame

Now to business ...

Last year all the inductees were chosen by the Originator of the Hall of Fame, Amello (Me!) ;)

This year I want to give the Daytime Royalty members a chance to choose 1 of the 5 inductees. Their are different aspects of who should be nominated. These aspects or groups are known as the following, Actors, Directors/Writers/Produces, the shows themselves, couples and stories. These all include the foreign soaps as well. For instance, William Roache (Coronation Street) was inducted last year.

Starting this year, the DR members will get to vote for the inductee in 1 group. This year that group is Actors.

So please choose 3 actors from the list above that you think deserve to be in the Soap Opera Hall of Fame. If an actor isn't on the list, post his name in the thread and he will be put into consideration for next year. Additional votes past February 14, 2010 at 12:00 am will NOT be excepted!

All inductees will be posted on February 14, 2010!
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