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Crystal just did a Q&A at her official message board she gave her view on the Hope and Carly scenes coming up this week here it is:

Question: BBK What do you think about the Carly and Hope relationship?

Answer: "It’s a great relationship. Both of them are strong and being written true to their perspectives. Nobody is clobbering the other. But neither of them know each other very well. Hope thinks that Carly is into money when in fact she never has been and Carly thinks that Hope has changed. She says to Hope, “ When you were gone before, Bo was devastated and if it hadn’t been for Shawn Douglas, I don’t know what he would have done. I had a small part in raising that little boy and it was a privilege and I thought that you must be this amazing person to have been loved liked that, but I do not know who I am seeing right now. “ In other works, she didn’t know Hope before and she doesn’t know her now. But it has been fun forging this new relationship and who doesn’t like two strong women going at it?"

Question: Kelly How does Carly feel after sleeping with Bo and being the other woman?

Answer: "She doesn’t see herself as being the other woman. Bo has told her that his marriage is over and she is not expecting anything from him. She does love him, but her main focus is her daughter. She does feel guilty about a lot of things and the timing probably wasn’t right, but she is aware that Bo has a mind of his own and would never intentionally hurt her. None of the 3 characters involved are totally right or totally wrong. I think it is all pretty evenly matched."

Question: intheOZ What is the best part of playing Carly the second time around?

Answer: "That she is not perfect. She is still strong and recovering from years of abuse and her heart is still in the right place. She loves the people she loves fiercely and is passionate about what she believes in, but she is impulsive, speaks too much when she should probably be quiet and at this point, she is really self-loathing to a degree. She doesn’t know how to feel good about herself but she is trying."

Question: Kelltwomyn

Hey Crystal!

Loving those fierce Carly scenes..seems the only time she can be fierce is when she is in Mama Bear mode. Vivian and Lawrence have done a real number on our feisty Carly. Do you think Bo will ever accept what Carly told him: that she isn't the same?

Answer: "I think Carly feels horribly insecure right now because she was abused for nearly two decades and she was nearly beaten so her daughter could live and be safe. I think who she is as a person is basically the same and Bo recognizes that."

Question: COCA


I simply adore you as Carly. So far my favorite Carly interactions since her return as been with Justin. Those two are so m interuch fun to watch. You and Wally Kurth are a joy to watch. How would feel about a Carly/Justin pairing?

Answer: "I think Wally Kurth is an amazing actor and a terrific person. As much as I love and adore working with Peter, you always want to keep yourself open to all the relationships on a canvas, even if it is not a romantic one, it could be interesting."

Question: Junebuggnc

I am loving seeing you on DOOL. Hated to see Otalia end. Am loving Venice too. One thing I am not quite getting on DOOL is that I think Carly has mention Nicky only twice. Once in her semi confession to Hope and then a reference that he would not be spending the holidays with her. That seems unrealistic to me. I know that she is all about protecting her daughter, but she has a son too.

Are there plans to mention more of Nicky or possibly bringing that character back onto the canvas?

Keep up the great work!!!

Answer: "Well thank you. I honestly do not know that what their plans are for Nicky. Carly feels so guilty about what she has done to Bo and Hope, Melanie, Melanie’s Father, and certainly Nicky. Nicky won’t even talk to her, but I would love to have the character on the canvas."

Question: Lily617

I have 2 questions if that's cool

How far in advance do you film everything?


If you could choose one character to have more scenes wblith or just scenes with in general who would it be?

Thanks for answering the q's and being such an inspiration! =]

Answer: "We are probably a couple of months ahead…I think… and I just love working with everyone, but it is so fun to work with John Aniston. He has a great sense of humor."

Question: Wirelessgal

Hi Crystal,

Welcome back to Days, I'm loving it again! You have amazing chemistry with Galen Gering on Venice. I loved the scenes with Carly and Rafe. Would you like to see Carly paired up with Rafe?
Thank you.

Answer: "So to go to from brother and sister on Venice and then lovers on Days…. that’s a big leap! I adore Galen and think he is so talented. I would work with him if I absolutely had too (laughingly)…and look at that pretty face all day."

Question: Luminous_Love

QUESTION: If you were the producer and writer for Days and you pretty much have carte blanche to do anything you want, what would you do differently with Carly's character in terms of storyline? What sort of issues would you like to focus on in conjuction with or completely separate from the current storyline?

Answer: "I do not think I would do anything differently."

QUESTION: Carly's grossly misunderstood and treated like an outsider. Pretty much everyone is against her. Hopefully when the truth does come out, this will change. Will she ever find some real friends she can trust and confide in besides Bo and Daniel? Personally, I don't think she should be romantically involved with anyone right now.Much love to you Crystal. I think you're brilliant and such an amazing woman in so many ways.

Answer: "I like the way the way they re-introduced Carly. It is better to have a lot of flaws in the beginning so I don’t think I would change anything. It is more interesting for the actor. I agree that Carly, Bo and Hope are people who are going through difficult periods in their lives and the timing is wrong, but it is a soap opera."

Question: Maksam3

Hi Crystal, You Rock!

I've wanted to ask these for a while! Thanks for forum.

I still battle with the fact that Carly ran off with Lawrence in the first place. She knew exactly what kind of a man he was.
Was she brainwashed? It seemed out of character.

Answer: "I think it was a quick wrap-up for our exit. That is the most obvious truth. However, I truly believe that Carly saw the man that she fell in love with and more so, she wanted to give Nicky a family and a home. I think a great deal of her motivation was her son."

Question: Carly was always a very strong and strong-willed character. She's definitely no saint, Helloooo Melanie.
Why would Carly do something, again, so out of character and stay with Lawrence even though he was all kinusids of abusive? Why not seek help sooner? She had friends, evidently.

Answer: "What happened was this. Lawrence and Carly got married and had a normal life with Nicky. Lawrence got sick, she helped him recover, but he became increasingly unstable and abusive. She stayed with him because of her son. She went to a medical conference had one night with a friend, admitted it was mistake, told Lawrence the truth and when she found out she was pregnant, Lawrence agreed to raise the baby with her. From the time of Melanie’s birth, she stayed with him so her baby would be alive and safe. So she stayed and took the punches. It was the most noble thing she could do for her child."

Question: Carly was also a person who did things on her own terms. After the murder charge was dropped, don't you think that disclosing Melanie's identity would have been a far better way to protect her? Reveal the secret on her own terms instead of the truth coming out in a way that she can't control it.

Answer: "Well no because even though the charges were dropped, Lawrence still had Family that made Melanie vulnerable and at that point, she was still deciding whether she would tell her at all…in order to keep her safe, If she had told Melanie and everyone knew she was her daughter, Vivian would have made a b-line for her."

Question: Where is Nikki? Could he not see that his mother needed help or is he now a mini Lawrence who will challenge the Di Mera's for alpha dawg status one day?

What does Carly think of Nikki's affair with Kate? Why has she never asked Kate about it or do Carly and Nikki have no contact? I have a million questions but I'll leave it at that.I'm loving the Carly storyline now. You have to be comfortable in your own skin to play Carly 2,0. She's so different!


Answer: "Well I don’t think I have had scenes with Kate yet that have aired, but no her son won’ talk to her because of what she did to his Father. I am assuming he is living in Europe."

Question: Tvcat

Hello Crystal

Are there any more Lawrence flashbacks we can look forward to?

How do you possibly stay in character when Louise Sorel delivers her lines? (lurch happy elevator ride) Have you ever broken character?

What are your hours? Do you work long hours?

What's your commute time to work? 30 min, 1 hour?

Do you have a parking space at the studio or is it first come first serve?

Answer: "There are many more flashbacks scenes with Lawrence, Vivian and Carly. Lawrence just tortured Carly…. although I still think he is very cute…from me as the actress! Louise and I stay in character, but we laugh and have a great time and their hatred for each other is just too funny. We have short days at work and yes I do have a parking spot. I have pass to get on the lot too! And, I live about and ½ hour away."

Question: Samxart

Crystal, are you surprised by how popular Carly and Bo are becoming on the show now? I am noticing on a daily basis the onslaught of fans poppy up on message boards either remembering C&B 1.0 with great love and affection, or those like me discovering them for the first time. The magic is still there, defying the odds, and we're all in it for the long haul! Thank you.

Answer: "I am glad. I really love Bo and Carly and adore Peter. As long as there is good story, who know what can happen, and I have noticed the support and I am so grateful, and hopefully we can still tell a great story."

Question: Olddoolfan

and another similar quickie ....

Peter Reckell in three words? Last question I promise.

Answer: "Sweet, talented and delicious!"
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