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Jan 25 2010, 02:33 AM
Jan 25 2010, 02:27 AM
I would be more concerned about LS depending on how they handle this revenge plot. She's one I can see going pretty quickly, if anyone.
She better not! I love her. Everyone loves her. She's too popular to let go.

As for Crystal, I do think the show brought her on knowing she was a hot commodity, but I'm not sure if they expected so many people to hate her like this, LoL. She's generated alot of story, but like most supercouple "interlopers," she is widely disliked by many viewers. I could see the writers getting rid of her once the story ends.
One more thing. I think, I hope, that the day of writers not being allowed to do anything besides gimmick stories or not allowed to break up a supercouple ended when they got rid of J/M and S/K and they found out it would not kill DAYS ratings wise. In fact, I think they are probably shocked that the show is doing better ratings wise this year than any other show, gaining more viewers.
Supercouple fans may be vocal on a few message bbs, but imo that's a miniscule piece of the viewing pie.

I sure hope for the sake of Peter and Kristian that you are wrong. If this is the same old, same old "supercouple must rule" end game, I see Peter and Kristian gone before Crystal, or even worse, as the new Tom and Alice, no stories, stuck on the back burner in supporting roles.
No one better say they would "NEVER"........because we all know better. If "supercouples" were the future of DAYS they would not have rid the show of Shawn and Belle; they would have kept J/M and B/H to prop them. As for now, the only "mature actors" getting work are the nasty, the mean, the insane....Vic, Viv, Stephano, Kate. Even they take a back seat except when after a young person/couple. I'd hate to see Bo and Hope reduced to the role Roman now plays, on once a week to prop someone.
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