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Jan 25 2010, 08:16 AM
Jan 25 2010, 02:33 AM
Jan 25 2010, 02:27 AM
I would be more concerned about LS depending on how they handle this revenge plot. She's one I can see going pretty quickly, if anyone.
She better not! I love her. Everyone loves her. She's too popular to let go.

As for Crystal, I do think the show brought her on knowing that she was a hot commodity, but I'm not sure if they expected so many people to hate her like this, LoL. She's generated alot of story, but like most supercouple "interlopers," she is widely disliked by many viewers. I could see the writers getting rid of her once her story ends.
Honestly, I think they expected the hate. But I imagine they are surprised about the popularity of Bo and Carly and the disgust with Hope's treatment of Bo. Supercouples have a pattern of the sainted female victim half and the manipulated, stupid male half. Not this time.
It's long overdue, but Billie never had the impact on Bo and Hope (with Peter) as Carly has.
They had to use gimmicks and manipulation.
Kate hiring Franco, PG, brain chip sex, and Chelsea and Patrick manipulating- all were required to get Bo or Hope into bed with another.
The only gimmick, possibly, was Bo's vision but that's barely mentioned and when it is Hope mocks it.
No one manipulated Hope to be a nasty, selfish, blaming Bo for Ciara's kidnapping wench.
No one manipulated Bo to turn to Carly and feel his feelings for her and have sex with her.
No one is "dead."

I think Bo and Carly in a few months have a huge following compared to Bo and Billie after years and years and years of gimmicks.
Since Hope's "treatment of Bo" was manufactured for sake of Da Plot, I'm sure they knew what to expect. Just as they know what they are doing with all of the disgust with Bo's behavior currently. All part of Da Plot.
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