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I this the hate's concentrated on MBs because those of us that care enough to be on MB and seek out other to talk to about DAYS are going to have passionate opinions. A lot of those fans are also "old school" DAYS fans who relate to the "supercouple" formula. They may see this as the end of the "supercouple" road....I can picture this..no more Bope for a while. GT just doesnt seem interested in keeping couples longer then a year..sign of the times.

As for the interview, right now, I dont see Bo, Carly and Hope as equals. Carly has been off the canvas far too long for her to compare herself to Hope in Bos eyes- at least it should be that way. I think thats another reason why people dont like this character.

I also dont buy the explanation about staying with Larry for 15+ years. Her affair would have lasted a year, why stay 14 more? I know people that have been abused sometimes dont get out of a relationship, but 14 years?? I dont see a strong Carly, but a weak one, one that frankly I thought I would be rooting for against Hope. And she's a bit stalkerish when it comes to Melanie-its totally obvious there's a connection and why Vivian hasnt picked up upon it until this past Friday, I have no clue.

CC's here to stay, I just wish they did a better job of introducing her. I wish it would have been something medically related in which she was the "only" specialist and came back to save someone in Salem...have her do that...all in the while, BOPE, are fighting all over the place...maybe it could have been Ciara that was sick and BOPE fighting because this brings up old memories of Zack, and they never dealth with them. Then SLOWLY, you get the flashbacks of Carly escaping Larry, etc.
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