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Jan 25 2010, 02:44 PM
I don't think that PR/Bo and KA/Hope are going anywhere. This is the couple that has kept people with DOOL for 20 plus years. The rest of this comment is JMO. If PR was to leave DOOL or KA was to leave DOOL, I would perfer both of them to leave at the same time together as a couple. I have been with DOOL from the beginning and I have been with Bo and Hope faithfully all the way. I have watched all of the couples that I liked slowly disappear and if Bo and Hope are ever to be separated for good, I would just as soon them leave DOOL together as a couple. This is one couple that has paid their dues and should have really good sl while being kept together as a couple and out front. I have always wondered why the writers can only write exciting and interesting sl about breaking up a couple instead of keeping a couple together with interesting and exciting sl. Either way they have to write a sl. So why can't they write interesting and exciting sl for Bo and Hope together as a couple instead of separating them? This makes no sense to me. Do the writers not have any creativity in them, so they just keep recycling stories so to speak.?
Actually most of the best Bo and Hope storylines have been when they were together as a couple (married or pretending to be married). The 3 prisms, The Dragon/England, Stockholm, Aremid. The interloper storylines always keep them on the front burner too, but it's the lazy way.
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