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I don't think Carly is weak for staying with Lawrence under the circumstances that the writers have presented us with. The problem that the writers can't get around is that Carly looks like an idiot for leaving with Lawrence in the first place. CC and her fans can rationalize it all they want as a result of the departures of MS and CC from the show. And they can talk about how it had everything to do with Nicholas, etc., and not Lawrence. I get it, I sympathize with it, but it doesn't change the fact that Carly willingly left town with a man who had raped her best friend, tried to kill the man she claimed to love, succeeded in killing somebody else, and had not been remotely redeemed for any of those acts. Like it or not, it's a little harder to sympathize with someone who puts herself willingly into the hands of a man she knows (or by any reasonable measure should know) is capable of all kinds of heinous crimes.

For all the comparisons to Marlena, Kayla, and Hope, I don't think the stories are remotely similar. Kayla had no reason to know that Jack might turn violent and, to the best of my knowledge, neither did Marlena or Hope in their situations. They may have made bad choices but they didn't knowingly enter into relationships with violent people.

Now, before I get told that I'm blaming the victim, let me make myself clear. Carly's idiotic choice DOES NOT excuse or justify Lawrence's actions. But, it's not something to be ignored either. If the show was smart (snort!) it would simply address that problem by having Carly acknowledge she was wrong and that her decision to leave was brought on by her mixed-up emotions following her near death and amnesia, etc. That would go a long way towards fixing the problem.
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