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Jan 25 2010, 04:27 PM
Jan 25 2010, 02:57 PM
Jan 25 2010, 12:49 PM
Like I said in my post, women do stay, but in Carly's case (which I dont see the parallel between Marlena, et all...) I see a woman thats weak, not strong. I disagreed with the part of the Q&A where she said that Carly is strong.

How does a women in a country where females have no rights, where threats of her child's death are used against her, where she has a son she would probably not leave, just leave?
Once again, Alamainia is not a democracy, not a part of the legal system here. Brute force is power. Money is power.
Lawrence had both the brute physical forced to stop her from just trying to run (with people who worked for him); he was obviously more physically powerful. No safe house. How would she leave without killing him? And while her son was still a teen would she do that? Would any woman?
You are missing the conent of my whole post and nic-pick at ONE SENTENCE due to your over-zealousness in defending Carly.

My whole post was taking about the "hatred" of the character of Carly...is was NOT whether she should have stayed or gone with Lawrence and the rights of abused women.

I can see the point of those that hate Carly for coming in and breaking up BOPE's fragile marriage. Its just the last supercouple falling apart and DAYS breaking away from a long standing tradition.

But...I'll EXPLAIN...as so rudely commanded me to....

First off, is Alamainia even real? Do we know whether Lawrence had such a strangehold of Carly where she couldnt escape until now? I didnt know you knew the soci-political make-up of such country? And....ITS A SOAP...THEY CAN MAKE ANYTHING UP!!!!

BTW..Her son Nicolas wasnt a teen when he was last in Salem.

I like debate, but you fail to see the other side and it ends up people attacking others for questioning PLOT POINT WRITING.

Don't worry Carly will be liked...give it some time....when you break up a supercouple, there's bound to be fallout.

:popcorn: :applause:
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