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Jan 25 2010, 02:27 AM
They won't let her go. I'm not even convinced Bope will survive this, to be honest. Sure, if the show were to end in the near future (which I doubt), then Bope would be reunited but I do think they may be looking to take them in new directions for the time being. Just the sense I get.

CC's too popular (the show knew she was a hot commodity when they brought her back) and the fact that they bothered to test her with other characters/love interests (Rafe briefly, Justin, Daniel) and connected her to Melanie tells me they have an interest in keeping her on even if her story with Bo comes to an end soon. If they just brought her back and made her about nothing but Bo, then I would be a bit more concerned.

I would be more concerned about LS depending on how they handle this revenge plot. Sure, the show did a good job of integrating LK, JM, and JA into many plots this past year but LS is all about revenge on Carly and her daughter. Her and Victor aren't really anything beyond partners in crime and her relationship with Philip I can't see being enough to keep her on should they go too far with her. She's one I can see going pretty quickly, if anyone.
As long as Carly stays away from bo at the end I'm fine with that! But I have no worries about LS! She too is also a hot commodity. Vivian torturing Carly is a joy to watch. It was back in the 90s and it still is today, which is why corday invited both actresses back. Their on screen chemistry together is nostalgic!!! But in the end I just hope that Lawrence returns.
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