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Jan 27 2010, 01:51 PM
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Jan 25 2010, 04:38 AM
I posted Crystal's version of what happens is here:

I wonder if Crystal was a bit annoyed at this version of Kristian's that came out in SOW. Alot of people have been bashing the character of Carly since that interview came out.

I wonder if Kristian and Crystal ahve been getting along behind the scenes?
lol. I watched tomorrow's episode, and there was a bit of the conversation between Hope and Carly (RE: Shawn D) that was a bit exaggerated based on Kristian's interview. Even if it was interpreted in the character's perspective, it didn't even translate well given the context of the original dialogue. But oh, well.

It really doesn't matter if Kristian and Crystal do or do not get a long in real life--really none of our concern. Some of my favorite Hope scenes have been the interactions w/Carly so obviously they get the work done.
This is what Kristian said: Carly starts going on about how Hope left her son years ago and she took care of him. Hope thanks her for being there for Shawn while she was gone. Kristian says, "But it wasn't like Hope had a choice to be gone. She'd been kidnapped." Hope says it's too bad that Carly didn't make it official then. She could have had Bo, but instead she chose Lawrence and all his money instead of love.

Just wondering how is that exaggerated? That's pretty much exactly how the scene played out. Carly made it sound like Hope up and "disappeared" when she had been taken against her will. Then she threw it in her face that she had a hand in raising Shawn Douglas. I thought Carly was out of line and had no business acting like Hope wanted to be away from her husband and son. JMO!
Yes, that seems right to me too. I don't see what the issue is either :shrug:
Yes, I'm still waiting to hear what exactly was exaggerated. :huh:
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