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SOW Spoilers
-Melanie writes Nathan a letter.
-Phillip rescues Chloe from Victor.
-Kate accepts an offer from Stefano.
-Carly has it out with Vivian.

**UPDATED 1/29**

National Enquirer Spoilers
-Stephanie keeps Melanie's letter from Nathan.
-EJ knows about Sami and Rafe's reunion.
-Hope knows who Carly's daughter is.
-Vivian knows that Victor has foiled her plan.
-Melanie and Phillip wed.

**UPDATED 1/31**

CDN TV Guide Spoilers
After drinking, Nathan almost tells Melanie he still loves her; Sami backs away from her kiss with Rafe.

Carly lands in the hospital after falling and hitting her head; Vivian and Melanie discuss Melanie's marriage to Philip.

Hope learns that Melanie is Carly's daughter; Lucas informs Philip that Melanie may still have feelings for Nathan.

Melanie writes a letter to Nathan asking how he truly feels about her; Chloe delivers the news to Daniel that she is pregnant.

Sami notifies EJ that her and Rafe have reunited; Vivian confesses her plan to Carly.

**UPDATED 2/2**

Soaps.com Spoilers
Week of February 8:

Stephanie keeps Melanie’s letter from Nathan.

Brady gives Arianna a gift that belonged to Isabella.

EJ learns of Sami and Rafe’s reunion.

Hope discovers who Carly’s daughter is.

Vivian tries to talk some sense into Melanie.

Thursday February 11:
Vivian discovers that Victor has foiled her plan.

Friday February 12:
Melanie and Philip get married.


**UPDATED 2/4**

SOD Spoilers
-Melanie writes Nathan a letter before her wedding.
-Chloe tells Daniel she's pregnant.
-Vivian has a deadly gift for Melanie.

2/12 - Nathan sends a mysterious text. Is it to Stephanie or Melanie?

SOW Spoilers
-Victor gives Kate an ultimatum.
-Arianna receives a special gift from Brady.
-Chloe has a big suprise for Daniel.
-Maggie decides not to attend Melanie's wedding.
-Lucas delivers devastating news to Phillip.

Can't Miss: Friday, February 12th
EJ is irate after learning Sami and Rafe reconciled.

Daily Spoilers
Monday, February 8th
Nathan is on the verge of telling Melanie he loves her; Rafe insists that he and Sami are meant to be together; Anna tries to convince E.J. that he needs her.

Tuesday, February 9th
Carly is knocked unconscious; Vivian tries to persuade Melanie to go through with the wedding; Brady gives Arianna a gift.

Wednesday, February 10th
Carly tries to sneak out of the hospital; Hope learns that Carly is Melanie's mother; Melanie opens Vivian's wedding gift; Chloe makes a discovery.

Thursday, February 11th
Melanie asks Stephanie to deliver a letter to Nathan; Vivian shares her murderous plot with Carly; Chloe shares her news with Daniel.

Friday, February 12th
Rafe and Sami reconnect; Philip and Melanie's wedding begins; Vivian panics; Carly escapes.

**UPDATED 2/6**

More Daily Spoilers
Monday, February 8th
A tipsy Nathan almost admits to Melanie that he loves her; Rafe tells Sami they're meant to be together; Anna convinces EJ that he needs her; Vivian warns Victor about Kate; Carly is convinced that Vivian knows Melanie is Carly's daughter.

Tuesday, February 9th
Brady gives Arianna a gift that belonged to Isabella; Vivian tries to talk some sense into Melanie; Carly slips and gets a concussion; Daniel asks Lucas to let Chloe spend some time with Allie; Victor threatens Kate.

Wednesday, February 10th
Hope discovers who Carly's daughter is; Maggie explains she won't be able to make it to the wedding; Lucas tells Philip he thinks Melanie might still have feelings for Nathan; Melanie is affected by Maggie's cancellation.

Thursday, February 11th
Stephanie keeps Melanie's letter from Nathan; Chloe tells Daniel good news; Vivian, via laptop, reveals her plan to a horrified Carly; Hope finds a receipt Victor dropped that helps her put all the pieces together.

Friday, February 12th
Melanie and Philip get married; EJ learns of Sami and Rafe's reunion; Philip rescues Chloe as she receives harsh words from Victor; Nathan tries to see Melanie; Chloe tells Arianna that she's pregnant.
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