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The phloe spoiler is what has my attention!
Last year there were no regular bones to phloe and they went to great lengths to NOT have them interact and everyone knows that.
So to say that them interacting more already in 2010 means 'nothing' is to ignore the behavior of tptb re phloe for the past 12 months:p
Other ex couples like ejami lumi etc may have been thrown bones but not phloe. so it IS a change.
Whether they are re-establishing their connection and friendship and just that - at least for now... or whether they are slowly re establishing that for a slow build into something more when the other sl's have played out....remains to be seen.
But what i AM sure of as someone who's used to a phloe drought....is this IS significant and signifcantly different to last year.
Nadia has tweeted to phloes about more upcoming scenes in feb and the other days when i asked her if she was working/shooting with Jay again soon - she replied "Yes we will! :) xo"

In any case i am just happy to see my two faves that i have loved for 10 years, working together again:)
Anythings possible when people start re orbiting each other:)
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