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I just want to say that I am THRILLED they are not only *using* but actually writing and building storylines for the Over 40 Cast.. And I love it .. Now Im not loving all the directions they are going in.. I hate the way they rushed Bo/Carly into Bed and a sudo relationship.. I mean he has not seen the woman in almost 2 decades after she dumped him for Alamain.. and SNAP had her "Sleeping in his wifes bed
**** A HUGE NO NO****
And I remember quite clearly that they have a 3 bedroom house. I recall when it was Roman/Marlenas house and Ro/John---Roman sleeping in the guest bedroom during the who is Roman plot, and when Marlena returned from the dead after the Pier.. also Chelsea had her own room in addition to Zack/Ciara's room and the Master BR .. That = 3.. So why couldnt Carly rest in the Xtra bedroom??????
I hate when they forget very clear and long standing history
And Then within a couple weeks he was kissing her, tossing away his supposed soulmate of decades and the mother of his children and jumping in bed with another woman, even wanting her to not just stay while she gets settled in town but actually move in {While he is still married}. Even Hope did not move this fast with Patrick.
Has he forgotten he and Hope just renewed their vows about a year ago?????
In fairness yes.. Hope caused all this rediculous drama, her reasons for leaving were rediculous, as well as her bitchy selfish attitude, That in itself was totally out of character And obviously simlty written to create an opening for Carly to weasel in and take over. I love that she has returned but I would have liked it better if they drew the story out and allowed emotions to build and conflict in realistic time and ways.
Frankly I see Higley all over this writing.. Its rushed, with too many holes, lacks depth, direction, and just sucks. Even if they did want to create a spicy angsty story for Bope.. This writing is so shallow I find it hard to root for any of them.. And Im still stumped about Carly having a 20 yr old daughter.
Why would she have never mentioned it to Bo when they were together 16 years ago?? Wierd.
I dont mind the plot it just has too many holes, and the years dont make sense.

I Love Maggie, And as much as I hated Micky's Dying I was looking forward to her getting more substance and material. Again Higley has a hand in the writing here because once more its rushed.. lacking in quality, moving, heart wrenching flashbacks.. She was great but the material she had to work with was not. Shockingly I couldnt muster a tear, and I cry easy.
Im enjnoying her struggle with the bottle more She is rocking with her quiet grief, and speaking volumes with her face... But then thats all talent.. writers cant ruin that.

Vivien.. what can I say she is magic, I do now, and always have loved her.. even when I hated her... lol
She is hilariously diabolical.. and never boring.. She could make reading a McDonalds menu an interesting event.
More Vivien please...

Victor.. Ive always been a fan..I do get tired of him yelling and blustery.. But I love love his quick cutting wit, and evil confidence, I love this man on my screen

Stephano .. Encore Encore.. an Evil Geniius.. He has not had the best Material sadly, and he is nowhere near the incomparable Pheonix he once was.. What a shame to waste such superb talent The Dimeras used to be untouchable,Mysterious and Dangerous, unlike any other villian with connections world wide..
And while Stephano rarely Murdered, His wrath and schemes was much more complex and interesting ...
Again what a waste, But I do love that he is at the very least utilized.

Kate, Always one of my least favorites But she has talent and brings her own edge and excitement.

Roman, Ehhh.. Not a character I miss.
Caroline, Definately would like to see more of her.

Lexie/Abe.... In need of a story. (NOT autism)

Anna, never a favorite of mine, but she does add elegance and humor and I truly cant find anything wrong with her.. Even though I believe this is a temporary role for her unless they truly change things up and decide to write for her.

The 30-40 age range actors are doing their thing and since its been the same story now for around 2 years well...... Im ready for some twists, and some stability. People should be happy or unhappy for more than 2 weeks. Couples break up and make up wayyyyyyyyyyy too fast. Or they go nowhere and lack depth and so We hardly have time to be invested in them because they dont even have meaningful lines or dialog anymore.

Missing Ari Z.. She is awesome, but Id love to see some of the old witty sassy strong Nicole, with a touch of the new sensitive one.

Im glad the producers accepted that while they need to build the younger crowd and create a place and stories for them The Over 40's are what keep us coming back, Sadly too late for many of our favorites who are now gone.. (Mine included).. Now if they could just find the right ones and find and write good material for the Teens, that would be the smart thing, give them some fun exciting, and even some dangerous meaty stuff like the old days .. They should have them on back storys but they need good solid scripts and actors.. Right now they truly suck.

(( TS is so pretty but she would benefit from some acting lessons, she has no depth and is too monotone and lifeless, the girls has no expressions, I dont think Ive ever seen her laugh ))

But I digress

So... YAYYyyyyyyyy to TPTB who wised up and decided to make the smart move of writing for the adults.
Lets continue to do so, and create/build some new meaty storylines that are not rushed, nor dragged out for years, and if they are dragged out build and expand it by working story within a story.

(Sorry for the long post) :peek:
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