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Having watched from beginning to end, I'll take a stab.

C.C.: Jed Allan. Charles Bateman did a good job, but Jed kicked butt in his scenes with Lane Davies.

Gina: Robin Mattson (but Linda was good too)

Keith: Justin Deas, hands down

Kelly: Robin Wright Penn

Laken: Julie Ronnie. Pissed me off when they wrote out Laken because I thought what will Ted do, but then Stacy Edwards came on to play Hayley a few months later and I went "Laken who?"

Mason: Lane Davies. The MASTER.

Minx: Judith Anderson

Santana: Gina Gallego

Ted: Todd McKee

Warren: Jack Wagner. Much as it pains me to say it. John was good as Warren, but the character had little to no story and zero chemistry with his leading ladies. Jack Wagner and Sydney Penny were gold.
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