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The Royal Stoner

C.C.: Charles Bateman or Jed Allan- Paul Burke also played the part but JED ALLAN IS CC CAPWELL

Gina: Linda Gibboney or Robin Mattson- Didn't see much of Linda in the role, but Robin made such a stamp on it (2 Emmy nominations to boot) that how could you not go with her?

Keith: Justin Deas or John Novak- This shouldn't even be a question. Justin Deas was astounding as Keith Timmons, his best daytime role ever IMO. John Novak wasn't even in the same league.

Kelly: Robin Wright Penn, Kimberly McArthur, Carrington Garland or Eileen Davidson- This is a tough one. While I loved Robin Wright in the role, I also fell in love with Carrington Garland. I'll go with Robin by a (long) hair, but Carrington will always have my heart. As for Eileen as Kelly......... :puke:

Laken: Julie Ronnie, Susan Marie Snyder or Shell Danielson- All 3 have their strengths & weaknesses, but I have to go with Susan Marie Snyder. She's the only one who truly made Laken her own.

Mason: Lane Davies, Terry Lester or Gordon Thomson- Lane Davies is the master. Period. NOBODY could rattle off Shakespeare and Mason's incredible dialogue like he. Davies had a wit that was unparalleled in the other two. Lester was lackluster at best. Thomson was much better and while he did manage to make Mason his own, much of the spark & with that was there with Davies was gone.

Minx: Judith Anderson or Janis Paige- DAME Judith Anderson. Janis Paige was an understudy at best.

Santana: Gina Gallego or Wanda DeJesus- The part was also played by Margaret Mitchell & originated by Ava Lazar, but Gina Gallego was the true Santana. While I hated the character, she played every flaw to perfection.

Ted: Todd McKee or Michael Brainard- I'm in the minority but I LOVED Michael Brainard in the part and wished he had been Ted from the beginning. I never understood Todd McKee's appeal. I will say, though, that Todd McKee will always be the one I identify with in the part,.

Warren: John Allen Nelson or Jack Wagner - I've never liked Jack Wagner and think he contributed to the destruction of the show, so I'll go with Nelson. Plus, you really believed Nelson's Warren was the son of Coster's Lionel- he had his mannerisms down pat!
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