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First, I just have to say this...


This is the Drake I loved as a person. Open, honest, genuine, down to earth...Drake was always a guy that you sensed was very approachable even through interviews in magazines. I didn't get that sense so much in his final few years on the show (2005-present). The most interesting part of the interview for me was when Nelson brought up Drake veering into method acting when he returned to Days and how he was in character all over, even in the makeup room. Drake apologized for that and that, to me, explained to me why he had been acting the way he had for so long. He had thrown himself completely into the character and it can be hard to dig yourself back out, especially if he is still on set when being interviewed. He also seemed to see the writing on the wall for soaps and himself long before he had a reason to, really. That really does help me to understand why he said many of the things he did in the way/tone he did.

The other interesting point for me was how he can see the chemistry and magic he and Dee had now. He always seemed to want to escape the John/Marlena pairing for a long time and maybe the reason why is he never saw what J&M fans saw. Now that he's detached, he does. That was pretty enlightening.

I couldn't believe he brought up John shaving right in the middle of the Maison Blanche story. I remember that. It was so weird at the time and I couldn't understand why on earth Stefano would want to shave John LOL. His comments indicate JER was on set back then. I still think a big reason JER's writing went downhill was him not being around set more. I know he wanted not to know the actors and all but it makes a difference.

I can't believe that John Aniston story. JER really did have a short fuse for that kind of thing. He did seem to not like JA, MA, and TP. I wonder what Matt and Thaoo did to get on his bad side. Drake seemed to indicate that breaking the actor/character line or questioning what JER wrote was what did it so I'm guessing Matt and Thaoo must have done something like that to get the treatment they did.

It seems Corday and him have buried the hatchet. That's nice to hear. This makes me think we could see Drake and Dee sometime down the road. He has a good attitude about everything. He gets it and the business. The show wanted a new direction. It did for awhile. No pay cut would've stopped that and J&M were the biggest thing standing in the way. I never doubted Drake and Dee would take a cut. I wasn't sure how big of a cut they would take but I knew they would. It just seemed like the show was ready to cut them and move into a new era. I do think it helps that it's a year later. I'm sure there was some anger with how it happened a year ago. It was nice to hear the reason why Drake and Dee kept mum during the exit and for so long. It was probably smart of Corday to ask them to keep things quiet as everything was rough enough. It does seem Drake and Dee got a little party or something outside the studio, which Drake seemed to say was alot of fun LOL.

I'm interested in the stuff he and his son are doing. Those game shows sound fun! Hope it works out for him.

Very good interview. I wish there was a little bit about John's other loves and maybe a bit more about the SSK and how it unfolded. It also feels like the interview was cut off at the end. Was was the stuff about JER possibly coming back to Days before his passing?
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