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Feb 5 2010, 03:04 AM
Before things get ugly I want to comment LOL.

Good interview. Can't wait to get my issue in the mail to read all of it.

I love that Galen and James mess with each other in the sexual tension scenes. That's funny LOL. Ali talking about the things James, Bryan, and Galen say about the fanbases/each other was interesting. Ali is very careful to be neutral so I can see why that would bother her.

Good stuff. I agree with Ali and Galen on why Sami and Rafe work. Sami always saw Austin as a hero figure. Brandon was in a way too. Rafe is that and he had no past with Sami coming in. The dynamic was different and it makes sense that they would come together, IMO at least.
Tim, isn't it funny how they just kinda danced around your comment? :P You were brave to jump into the beginning of the fray!

I do find it funny (although there are things I don't like about the actors) that the guys have the guts to joke abut the whole fanbase thing and who's sexiest and who will prevail. Good for them! Because, yeah..........

This editorial blip brought to you by the letter...............N for "neutral". I now return you back to your regularly scheduled fanbase fight.....
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