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Feb 4 2010, 11:51 PM
Ok, if she's only back for 2 episodes that would seem unlikely she'd be the stalker. And they did DNA test Rider, right? So he couldnt be Kyle Abbott.
DNA on this show? LOL! I never thought we were meant to believe Ryder was really Kevin's brother. His whole life and identity is a lie and he's being backrolled by some uber rich unseen mastermind. I figure he said he's Kevin's brother to get closer to Lauren.

As for Diane, I expect bad things regardless of the content. We'll see how it goes. Still upset Alex Donnelly isn't returning though. She brought so much depth to that role and had chemistry with everyone. Susan Walters was so bland and forgettable. No way she'd work with Eric Braeden. She couldn't hold her own in regular scenes with him. And the chemistry AD had with Melody Thomas Scott was off the charts. Those two battling over Victor? Classic. Or AD vs Sandra Nelson's fierce Phyllis beginning the neverending entanglement of Jack and Phyllis? A total classic.

I can't think of anything Susan did in the role that was all that memorable or great. Diane was written as such a pathetic woman and then just quietly left town and nobody cared. Shame.
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