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Oh, come on, guys! Have a little faith that nobody is going to come around and start something over this sweet little article!
And it was sweet.
Aside form AS's little comment about Johnny (LMAO!), there isn't anything to bitch about!
Safe is a happy little couple, AS/Sami is overjoyed to have Rafe as someone who loves her for who she is and she doesn't have all that baggage with him...YET...and they are a very popular fun couple.

Love that they get along so well with each other, love that they spend time with each other, and glad that all the guys get along and rib each other....very guy thingish!

However, it wasn't nearly as HOT as the EJole V-Day article! :) I'm with ya, Liz. There was no tongue! :P Or any mention of AS's legs! :lol:

Thanks for posting, Angie! Love it!
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